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7 Reasons Remote IT Support Is Better

IT support for businesses often mean hiring a team of specialists. They would handle everything from computer maintenance to detailed software planning, and everything else in between. However, this can become inefficient and expensive in the long run. With this in mind, it might be time to consider if remote support for these services

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Do you have a backup strategy?

Setting Up and Maintaining Your Company’s Back Up System
Small and medium-sized businesses rely on effective backup systems to prepare for the possibility of hard disk failure, and increase the likelihood of data recovery. Preserve the integrity of your data by hiring a professional with expertise to back up system information and other important

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Should you use the cloud?

Cloud Computing: Examples and Benefits
Cloud computing is a software and technology term used often in data security conversations. Depending on who you interact with, the term can sound dark and nebulous, or like the best thing since sliced bread. Cloud computing can be dark and nebulous, but only if you ‘re not clear on what it is. Cloud computing is a technology strategy that stores your organization’ s data externally,

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What is data recovery

What is Data Recovery and How Does It Work?
In the era of big data, data recovery technology is more important than ever to protect your business from loss. Large corporations can lose millions of dollars in a few minutes of downtime. Recovery is essential to maximizing the amount of uptime by consumers. The

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