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Data Recovery

We offer a superior technical expertise that enables us to recover data in nearly impossible situations. We have the know-how and tools to recover data from standard hard drives, USB memory sticks, mobile phones, and server RAID arrays. We offer a $1000 flat rate (plus parts) to recover what you thought was lost forever.

I think my hard disk has failed – what should I do?

At first there is no way to know if your hard disk has failed.  Please follow these steps and contact us Рwe will get back to you right away with a solution:

  1. If you are using a desktop computer, make sure your the monitor, keyboard, mouse are all connected to the back of the computer and that it is connected to the power supply.  If you are using a laptop, please make sure it is connected to the power supply or is charged.
  2. When the computer starts do you hear a mechanical tic-tic sound?
  3. What do you see on the screen? Please take a few screenshots  or use your phone to take the photos of the screen.
  4. Email us at support@aletex.com.au with the photos, a brief explanation of what happened and your phone number – we will call you back right away.