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Continuous Penetration Testing

  1. Continuous Penetration Testing Services to help you manage risk in a dynamic, cost-effective, and efficient manner. Currently, you may get your systems tested once or twice a year leaving you blind to new attacks and vulnerabilities, that emerge on a daily basis.
  2. With our Continuous Penetration Testing Services, you can rest assured that your application or network is being looked after by the team.
  3. A Continuous Test works by first establishing a baseline by conducting a full penetration test. The environment is then monitored for changes or newly reported and application vulnerabilities. This is done via a variety of methods including integration into change management or continuous development platforms as well as technical change detection tools.
  4. Once a change occurs, then a test is initiated and results updated in the Client Portal. As well as monitoring for change, the system monitors existing results for vulnerabilities that then require testing (e.g. if a new vulnerability comes out in the version of an OS, App or Supporting Components/Libraries)
  5. At any point, you can generate a report from the  Reporting Portal (These also easily import into ticketing systems or other risk systems), CSV files for excel and a selection of other formats. This offers you the best parts of both automated and a manual testing program, producing a continual vulnerability detection and management system.