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Incident Response Planning

As a manager, you will deal with security issues on a day-to-day basis. Occasionally, a minor security incident turns out to be a real life panic situation. When you hit the alarm button, will your team know what to do? Will they understand their roles and responsibilities and follow the plan?

When the stakes are high, and the pressure is on, the response team will perform as they have practised. If there’s no plan in place, there will be no coordinated teamwork, to respond to cybersecurity threats adequately. The incident response plan defines how to identify, contain, and manage data security incidents.

Whether it be helping write an incident playbook or working through what went wrong. We can help through any issue that might threaten your companies network and walk with you through every stage of your incident response journey.

Incident Response Plan

Whether it is building a playbook from scratch or just revitalising your existing response plan, Hacktive can help.

Incident Response Assignment

Let us walk with you through your incident response plan, recommending areas of improvements along the way. The perfect training ground for response teams.

Fire Drills

Want to see how your team would perform under pressure? Let Hacktive run simulated attacks on your network and see how your team reacts before it’s the real deal.

Incident Response Retainers

When ASAP isn’t good enough. Have a cybersecurity expert on your speed dial with guaranteed response times on phone and onsite.

Digital Forensics Services

We will help facilitate a digital forensic expert in line with your current response plans.

What do Once You've Been Hacked

If the worst case happens, isolate the issue and give us a call.