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Security consulting for every context

Our Security Consulting team specialises in the review, development, and implementation of security risk management strategies, programmes, and capabilities. We support you with bespoke consulting services which match your business needs.
Regardless of your business size or sector, our security consultants can help you assess your organisation’s level of maturity, providing strategic direction and support to advance your programme. With Control Risks, you can strengthen your organisation’s ability to prepare for and respond to the full range of security risks, including travel security.

Our security consulting services

Get in touch with our experts about our security consulting services:
  • Strategy development establishes the vision for your programme. It delivers strategic roadmaps to support programme establishment, optimisation and transformation.
  • Governance development looks at frameworks, policies, standards and guidelines to formalise your security programme. It ensures security practices are consistently applied within your organisation and by your workforce.
  • Capability studies that target operational gaps in your organisation’s physical, event, travel security and executive security functions, and more.
  • Organisational design services to establish a structure, staffing, and operating model aligned with your strategy and organisational needs.
  • Maturity assessments help you to advance your capabilities to meet the needs of your business.
  • Needs assessments that focus on the future of a security programme and the resources and actions required to keep your organisation ahead of the curve..
  • Needs assessments that focus on the future of a security programme and the resources and actions required to keep your organisation ahead of the curve.

Our security consulting services


Detect and stop advanced persistent security threats – Our best in class SIEM solution combine security information management, security event management and end-user analytics to provide you with real-time analysis of security alerts generated by applications and network devices. We avoid false positives and identify true threats with advanced machine learning capabilities.


Security automation can help you improve your response times – reduce the risk of exposure and maintain consistent process across all of your security solutions. Choose from fully automated playbook actions or semi-automated, approval-based response actions that allow you to review before countermeasures are executed programs.


Maximise Your WAFs Performance and Effectiveness – Managed WAF allows you to filter out malicious traffic to your application, improves visibility into application layer threats, and strengthens your security posture. Our services will enhance your investment via years of attack data, customising rule sets, and vast staff experience.


More Than Just a Scan! – Our Vulnerability Management Services can help you go beyond just scanning – We can help you define key risk areas, analyse scan results with manual validation, customise reporting for clear visibility, and help orchestrate remediation activities.


Proactively hunt new threats – Our Threat Intelligence reporting services detect, investigates and stops threats before they become costly data breaches. Our services give you clear visibility into the dark web and how attackers are planning to exploit your systems and people.


Fully managed endpoint security redefined – The solution uses AI technology prevents attacks before they can damage your network, devices, or organisation’s reputation. No outdated signature-based detection. More predictability with less hassle.